‘Restless Transformations’ 29 March – 3 April 2016

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Is it because I am an Artist, a women, a mother or that I long to be a do gooder that I am always chasing and wanting change on an emotional, spiritual, physical and metaphysical level?

Or do I want change as my current society shows me so many choices of who I can be and who I am not?

Such deep questions to which there are many answers and at the same time no right answer. So down the rabbit hole I go like Alice in wonderland and explore these thoughts through my art.

Throughout history we have used colour, shapes and marks to communicate consciously and unconsciously. As humans we have an inborn ability to think in terms of symbols and sight is one of our most psychologically and powerful sense. As vibrational beings we respond to all images we see.

A circle for example carries intrinsic meaning for us by virtue of what it actually is – that is, a line that has no beginning and no end. This line immediately suggests to us the idea of completion, of wholeness, of totality, perhaps of eternity. We have not learned this idea from other people it seems intrinsic to the circle itself. Our minds intuitively respond in this way.

My current exhibition ‘Restless Transformations’ is about the transformations we want to make and those that bubble up without us knowing and coming into our awareness. I explore these ideas in abstract form through layers of paint, colour, shapes, marks and Sacred Geometry.

Restless Transformations

March 29 – April
Hunters Hill Art Gallery

Hunters Hill Art Gallery
, 3/37 Alexandra St Hunters Hill NSW 2110
Artwork Image: Rising Strong (left), Amplify (right)


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